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TaxiA taxi is often the most convenient means of transportation in the city. Taxis are available at airports, railway stations and hotels and can be flagged down in urban areas. The total fare depends on the starting meter price, which can range from 5 to 12 yuan, and the distance. Extra fees are charged for waiting and low speed driving during traffic jams. If you take a taxi after 23:00 pm, a 20% surcharge applies over and above the basic fare. For tourists exploring the city it is a good idea to a taxi for an entire or half a day, but be sure to agree on a price first. All taxis have a sign that says "TAXI" on the top.

In most cities, the taxi is a small local-made car painted in either red or yellow. In large cities, there are also more luxurious sedans at a higher rate.

For non-Chinese speaking visitors it is advisable to bring a map to show the drivers the location of their destination, as many taxi drivers do not speak English. Though in tourist cities, taxi drivers are encouraged to learn and speak some simple English.