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Rickshaws and pedicabs are a great and relaxing way of exploring the city for tourists. You can find them around big hotels and street corners. You have to bargain about the price with the driver and though the prices are usually reasonable, you should still be very careful.

Hutong Tours

RickshawIf you have never enjoyed the pleasure of riding in a rickshaw or you just want to explore more of Beijing, taking a Hutong Tour is a perfect idea. You'll be transported through Beijing's ancient alleyways. This tour is highly recommended as you'll see a lot of sights and also the ride is a lot of fun!

Beijing Rickshaw Men

One of the main means of transportation in Beijing during the last century was a 2-wheeled rickshaw drawn by a man. They were on every street in Beijing at that time.

Nowadays, the rickshaw tradition is being kept alive outside the east gate of Ditan Park. Managed by the Tangenyuan Lao Beijing restaurant, the rickshaws are mainly available to serve restaurant guests. The rickshaw are wearing traditional clothes and hairstyles.