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Cycling is the perfect way to explore cities in China. The bicycle is the unofficial symbol of China and plays an important role in Chinese daily life especially in cities like Beijing and Tianjin where the roads are very good and not too many hills. For 1.2 billion people in China, there are probably well over 1 billion bikes. Seldom new and often not pretty, they provide the basic means of transportation to the average person in China to work, shopping and other activities.

Bicycle; the unofficial symbol of China

Also a bicycle is very good to transport you to alleyways and hutongs, where other means of transportation are not allowed. In this way you can really get a feeling about what the city life is about. Another advantage is that you can stop wherever you want.

In China, most hotels and travel agencies provide bike rental services for visitors. When you are going to rent a bike, you should be able to show a valid ID, such as a passport. The rent is calculated based on the number of days you want to use the bike. The rental service will ask you for a deposit and when you return your bike in good condition a refund can be secured with the receipt.

Cycling tips:

  1. Always cycle to the right side of the street.
  2. Stop at the line before a red light.
  3. Make a gesture and let others know when you want to make a left or right turn.
  4. Obey instructions by traffic police and when an accident happens, immediately go to the police.
  5. Carrying a person on the back seat and "hands-free" riding are not allowed.
  6. Peak hours of 7:00-8:00 in the morning and 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon should be avoided when going on a bike tour.