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Air Travel

The most expensive, but also most convenient means of transportation in China is flying. During the reformation, China worked hard at building and expanding airports. Between 1949 and 1978, China invested lots of money to expand and build airports. Since then, more than 140 airports were opened.

From Beijing, domestic airlines go around the entire country linking 136 cities. The international airlines link 58 cities, including Bangkok, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Karachi, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Nagoya, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tashkent, Tokyo and Vienna in 39 countries and regions. Besides Beijing, you can also enter China by plane from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Lhasa.

The airlines from China are very good. The entire staff has been trained according to international standards. The majority of the aircraft fleet has been imported from the US, Britain and Russia. There is no language barrier aboard the planes since all staff can speak fluent English and flight announcements are made in English as well as Chinese.