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Shrangi-La - Deqen

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Shangri-la is a Tibetan word, which means "land of sacredness and peace". The word "Shangri-la" first appeared in the novel "The Lost Horizon" from James Hiltom. It tells the story of three American pilots who crashed with their plane in a beautiful landscape, the town of Zhongdian, during their flight over China during World War II. The place is described as having snow mountains, grasslands, Tibetan people, red soil plateaus with three rivers flowing traversing the landscape. After being rescued by the local Tibetan people, the three American pilots return home.

When we go back in history, facts tells us that there was indeed an American plane which crashed in the town of Zhongdian in Yunnan province. After doing some research, it was determined that the "Shangri-La" described in "The Lost Horizon" is Zhongdian, located in the Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan province.

When visiting Deqen you'll find yourself in a place with mysterious tranquility. Towering over the beautiful landscape are three snow-capped mountains, Meili, Baimang and Haba, whose beauty is a feast for the eye. Sparkling lakes are scattered across the grasslands, on which cattle graze and where exotic flowers and luxuriant grass grow. Surrounding these grasslands are forests with an anbundance of rare birds and animals.

Shangri-La or Deqen is full of natural beauty, making it a great place to live for the 100,000 Tibetans, Lisus, Naxis and Yis who call the region their home. The people here are all kind, honest and very hospitable to visitors.