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Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Leshan

Basic Information
Area: 485,000 sq. kilometer
Capital: Chengdu
Population: 87 Million

Sichuan, known in ancient times as Bashu for the 2 states of Ba and Shu, is a large province in southwestern China.

Bashu, with the subtle spirit of its mountains and rivers converging to nurture generations of outstanding personages, enjoyed the reputation through the ages that "the natural beauty of the world can be found in Shu". The lofty and precipitous peaks of northwestern Sichuan are home to 8,590 of China's rare giant pandas, which are famed as a national treasure.

SichuanSichuan boasts a varied topography, from plateaus, mountain ranges, and canyons to basins, hills, and plains; from rivers and lakes to hot springs and waterfalls; and from volcanic landforms to rosy cloud-shaped hills. It has always enjoyed the reputation of "landscape province".

This is particularly true of western Sichuan, where you will find 3 of China's large forest regions and one of 5 large pastures. Upright snow-capped peaks tower over immense forest stretches. The Jinsha, Yalong, Dadu, and Minjiang Rivers surge through winding canyons, forming many unusual, mysterious, and unique sights.

Known as a land of plenty, Sichuan has a long history and brilliant culture. The province includes 7 cities recognized by the central government as Statelevel historical and cultural cities. These are Chengdu, Zigong, Leshan, Yibin, Luzhou, Langzhong, and Dujiangyan. In addition, there are 40 key State-level reserves of cultural relics and 24 provincial-level historical and cultural cities or towns. Travelers can visit ancient irrigation works and towns, the former residences of famous Sichuan natives, Buddhist temples and Daoist shrines, forests of stone carvings, and prehistoric ruins, as well as modem art collections and state-of-the-art tourism facilities.

Sichuan is home to 15 ethnic minorities, including the Tibetan, Yi, Qiang, and Naxi. Their traditional festivals offer another window on Chinese culture, including the lantern festival, the flower festival, horse racing, the torch festival, mountain pilgrimages, and others. The hospitality is legendary, and the native wines and cuisine are famous throughout the country and around the world.