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Jingzhou - Shiyan - Wuhan - Yichang

Basic Information
Area: 180,000 sq. kilometer
Capital: Wuhan
Population: 60.2 Million

Hubei province is situated in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the north of Dongting Lake. It is surrounded by Henan Province to the north, Jiangxi and Hunan to the south, Anhui to the east, Sichuan to the west and Shaanxi to the northwest. Its capital, Wuhan, is located in the southeastern part of the province.


Hubei has been said to be one of the originating places of the Chinese people. Today many minority ethnic groups live in this area including: Miao, Tujia, Dong and some others. The terrain of Hubei Province is high in the west and low in the east and wide open to the south. Its hilly land occupies 70% of the total area and the plain is less than 30%, the main part of which is Jianghan plain. The Yangtze River flows through the whole province from west to east, while the Hanjiang flows from northwest to southeast through Wuhan City into the Yangtze River. There are many lakes in the Jianghan Plain.

The long history and the brilliant Chu culture endow Hubei with numerous cultural relics. Ancient towers, grottoes, city remains, imperial mausoleums, temples and nobilities' native places can be found throughout the province.

Hubei also boasts impressive natural scenery. The Three Gorges offers an unmatched painting of water and mountains. The world famous Yangtze Three Gorges Dam Project is located in Hubei Province, just outside of Yichang City. It is not only the largest water conservation project in China, but also the largest water conservation project in the world. The national reservation of Shengnongjia is a dense wilderness in western Hubei province. It has always been a mysterious place, an enigma in Chinese geography. Since the discovery of traces of wild people there, it has aroused people's curiosity about it all the more.

Other attractions include Chibi (Red Cliff) where a famous ancient battle happened and Jingzhou, a historical city made famous by Three Kingdom battles are also worthy of sight.