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Chengde - Qinhuangdo - Shijiazhuang

Basic Information
Area: 190,000 sq. kilometer
Capital: Shijiazhuang
Population: 67.4 Million

In the center of North China Plain, Hebei Province embraces Beijing and Tianjin. It is one of the important tourist provinces in China. With a history of 5,000 years, Hebei Province is one of the birthplaces of the nation of China, and has been the political, economic and cultural center of North China for ages.

In the past several 1,000 years, the diligent people have created splendid culture and left rich tourist resources for the later generations. Chengde Mountain Resort and its surrounding temples, and the Great Wall were listed as the world cultural legacies by UNESCO.

HebeiHebei Province consists of Central Hebei Plain, the Taihang Mountains with peaks rising one higher than another, the Yanshan Mountains and other weird mountains and ridges in various sizes, presenting an extraordinary landscape painting. Its national scenic spots and historical sites include Mountain Resort of Chengde, Beidaihe, Yesanpo in Laishui, Mt. Cangyan in Jingjing, and Zhangshi Rock in Zanhuang. Chengde Summer Resort, the Old Dragon Head and Beidaihe are among the nation's 40 top scenic spots; and Mount Wuling in Xinglong, the Golden Seacoast in Changli, the Korean Pine Depression in Weichang are the national nature reserves. Chengde Summer Resort and the Great Wall are among the nations 10 top scenic spots and historical sites.

Hebei Province boasts unique local customs. Cangzhou Anguo is a land of martial arts, and Wuqiao, a land of acrobatics; Banding is famous for its body-building exercises: Anguo, for its traditional herbal medicines; Cangzhou is the land of Moslem; Zhuolu is noted for the cultures of the 3 ancestors of Yan Di, Huang Di and Chiyou; and Handan, for its dream, pottery and porcelain cultures.

Hebei is a gate of Beijing and Tianjin. With transport facilities, a beautiful environment, a pleasant climate, rich tourist resources and tourist facilities which are improving with each passing day, Hebei has become a bright diamond in tourism, and an ideal tourist place.