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China's People Today

China's people; one-fifth of the world's population, were isolated for several decades of the 20th Century. But massive changes have swept the country today. English language proficiency is now a universal graduation requirement in Chinese colleges and universities. In addition, it seems as though there is a 1960's-style "rebellious" feeling among the young and restless Chinese of today.

China's people today

Their clothing and grooming styles are clearly in keeping with the latest western fashions and their music has a soulful rock and roll beat with themes of love and social commentary. This is shocking to older comrades and a radical departure from the past.

Another noticeable and almost universal phenomenon is that many young Chinese have continued to use their "American English" names with each other and with their foreign friends. They seem to prefer it to their formal Chinese names, which they now often reserve for legal documents or in conversations with older members of their families.

The Chinese young people greatly admire Americans and the freedoms of the West, and have spontaneously begun to universally reserve Christmas as a holiday for friends their own age. The Spring Festival later in the year is still the great annual family gathering, however.