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Tourism Festivals

Tourism festivals are the local traditional festivals now supported and held by governments to fully use local tourism resources to attract tourists.

Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival
Beijing Opera Art Festival
Boat festival in Qintong Town Yangzhou
Buddhist Assembly in Xiahe
Chang'an Annual Calligraphy Meeting
Chang'an Calligraphic Conference
Changchun Film Festival
Corban Festival
Dalian Chinese Scholartree Blossom Affairs
Dalian Fashion Festival
Daxing County Watermelon Festival
Fujian Mazu Festival
Guangxi Folk Song Festival
Guilin Scenery Festival
Guizhou Azalea Festival
Guizhou Liquor and Wine Festival
Hainan Coconut Festival
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Health-Building Festival for Seniors
Huangshan Mountain Tourist Festival
Hubei Three Gorges Art Festival
Jiayuguan Pass Glider Festival
Jilin Rime Festival
Jingdezhen Ceramics Festival
Jiuhua Temple Fair
Lantern Festival in Zigong Sichuan
Luoyang Peony Fair
Major Religious Assemblies in Ta'er Lamasery
Mt. Wutai Tourist Month
Nadam Tourist Festival
Qiantang River Tide-Observing Festival
Qingdao Beer Festival
Qinghai Folk Song Festival
Qufu Confucian Festival
Shanghai Huangpu Tourist Festival
Shaolin Martial Arts Festival
Spring Festival Flower Fair
Striking Bells at New Year in Jingci Temple
Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival
Weifang Kite Festival
Xian Ancient Culture Art Festival
Xinjiang Grape Festival
Zhangjiaje Forest Festival