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Yunnan-Yi Torch Festival

Date: the 24th - 26th days of the 6th lunar month
Venue: Shucun Town of the Lunan Yi Autonomous County, and the city of Chuxiong in the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture (Yunnan)

According to a legend among the Yi people in Lunan, once upon a time there lived a demon king who terrorized the local people. During an uprising the local people bound torches to the horns and hind legs of a herd of goats and eliminated the demon king by lighting the torches and driving the goats into its lair. On the 24th day of the 6th lunar month the local people lit torches for an entire night's merry-making in celebration of the victory.

During this festival people can enjoy a rchery, horse racing, bull fights, wrestling and torch-holding dances around a bonfire at night.