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China is an interesting place to go shopping, and Beijing has a long history as a commercial and cultural center. If you are not interested in shopping, a trip to a Chinese department store is still quite an experience and gives you a taste of everyday life in China.

Beijing has 4 major shopping streets; Wangfujing, Xidan, Xisi and Qianmen, but large department stores and supermarkets can be found in all the residential areas in the city.

There are also many special markets for special goods like antique, arts and crafts, paintings and calligraphy, silk and books. Therefore, where to shop depends on what you want to buy and what price you expect to pay. The prices in large department stores are fixed, but you can bargain and get a good deal in the open markets, small shops and some special shops.

The arrival of numerous modern shopping malls, department stores, and groceries is threatening Beijing's traditional markets. But, for now, most people still rely on street stalls for their produce, meat, dry goods, and other household items.