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Museums and Exhibition Centers

The word "museum" hadn't been introduced to China till late 19th century and the first public museum was opened in 1905 by Zhang Qian (1853-1926), a national bourgeoisie businessman. The person who made people know more about the social value of museums is Cai Yuanpei (1848-1940), a famous educationist. He said various museums could improve the sentiment of common people.

We could say that in modern society the number of museums is one of the criterions of the civilization of a city and especially for an international big city.

Museums in Beijing can be roughly divided into different kinds: historical and revolutionary museums, art museums, relic museums, national and religious museums, special museums, former residences of celebrities, folk custom museums and scientific and technological museums. In addition, there are many nongovernmental ones collecting and exhibiting personal collections of stamps, chopsticks, antique, books and all sorts of things.

Exhibition is more than showing something; it is usually a way of bringing about prosperous economy. If you are doing business in Beijing then you have many choices when choosing a place to exhibit your products and seeking for copartners.